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8 Best Stage Lighting Equipment & a Buyer’s Guide

8 Best Stage Lighting Equipment & a Buyer’s Guide

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Bad lighting is a big mood killer at any party; it means your videos and photos will be blurry and generally unpleasant. When choosing lights, you want to ensure they fit the requirement of your event. This article will give recommendations for the best DJ stage lighting equipment and tips for choosing the right gadgets.

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Bad lighting is a big mood killer at any party; it means your videos and photos will be blurry and generally unpleasant. When choosing lights, you want to ensure they fit the requirement of your event. For example, the lighting for a wedding is totally different from the lighting needed for a concert and the lighting needed for a DJ set.

However, getting the best stage lighting equipment doesn’t have to be hard with the right guidance. This article will give recommendations for the best DJ stage lighting equipment and tips for choosing the right gadgets.

Let’s dive in.


Top Best Stage Lighting Equipment

1.TENKOO LED Par Stage Light


I wanted my first choice to be affordable, so naturally, I went with TENKOO LED Par Stage Light. The lights can be used for different events including karaoke, Halloween, disco, pubs, Christmas, weddings, etc. Their versatility makes them a great option for homeowners who don’t want to have several pairs of lighting equipment in their garage for different events.

These DJ lights have interesting features; for example, you can adjust their color speed and brightness depending on your preference. Each packet has 36 bulbs; 12 are green, 12 are blue, and 12 are red. Their changing modes are sensitive than normal setups. The different effects include sound-activated, gradient, pulse, master/slave, and jump.

Users also love that the bulbs are easy to install because they’re portable and lightweight. They also come with a mounting metal bracelet.

 What we like 

  • Very affordable
  • Bright colors
  • Convenient for all events
  • East to install
  • 36 LED Par

What we didn’t like

  • It takes time to master how to program the right colors.


2. Clay Paky Show-Batten 100 LED Moving Bar

The Clay Paky Show-Batten 100 LED Moving Bar is a great choice for professionals who hold huge events or people interested in wall washing. As the name suggests, the show-batten 100 has ten high-power Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs housed in 39 inches (100 cm) cylindrical aluminum bars.

The lights have a control that allows you to control each parameter of the LED individually; color, 24 Hz strobe, and 8 bit dimmer. Additionally, the light lens is fitted with an electric linear zoom, which works well for wall washing. The zoom is also very fast as it moves from 0.3 s from minimum to maximum.

Colors are generated from B, R, G, and W channels, but you can also choose the colors from a wide pallet with over 60 macros. Using a dedicated CTO channel, you can adjust the color temperature from 2500 K to 8000 K. And lastly, the bulbs can rotate smoothly and fast.

What we like 

  • High speed motorized tilt
  • They’re lightweight
  • The zoom is very fast
  • They’re efficient for professional purposes

What we didn’t like 

  • The installation process isn’t easy


3. Leprecon LP-624-MPX-DA

The Leprecon LP-624-MPX-DA is among the industry’s most reliable stage lighting equipment. The company used the same travel faders and rugged aluminum chassis they used on their touring consoles to design their stage lights. They are all elegant because they have big bright LEDs, bump buttons, and fader knobs that were built for professional uses.

If you’re tired of staging lights that are complicated to operate and even harder to install, the LP-624 may be a great option for you. They’re very easy to use and they’re designed to withstand even the most demanding situations.

The equipment comes with DMX and Microplex, and they’re great for houses of worship, small theatres, rental homes, schools, and A/V companies. Its great features include 24 preset faders, a two-scene preset mode with 24 channels, and 96 preset memories. Additionally, its preview mode allows you to check cues without bringing the scene on stage and edit the existing cues without re-recording the entire cue.

What we like

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to program
  • Designed to withstand harsh conditions

What we didn’t like 

  • Very highly-priced


4. GLP GT-1 FL Spot Beam

The GLP GT-1 FL Spot Beam is a bit fancy, and it also has an outstanding performance. Its feature functionality is instantly available since it uses an optical design that doesn’t require any activation modes.

When the lighting equipment is on spot mode, it offers a range of effects, including eight rotating gobos, CMY color mixing, 14 fixed pattern gobos, beam reduction gobs, and a variable speed animation wheel. It also features three rotating prisms and a fixed color with color correction filters to widen the color pallet further.

When the GT-1 is in beam mode, it produces a near-parallel beam of light at 3.5° via its 145mm diameter front lens. The latter is consistent and bright even over long distances.

Lastly, when the device is set on wash mode, it produces a soft-edged beam giving the level of wash that you need.

What we like

  • It offers an outstanding performance
  • It’s features functionality that is available instantly
  • A built-in battery for fixture setup
  • Lightweight
  • Very versatile

What we didn’t like 

  • Nothing significant


5. GLW LED RGB Flood Light Stage Lighting


The GLW LED RGB Flood Light Stage Lighting is for people looking for high-performing stage lights that save energy. Their service life can go up to 13000h, which holds more than 80% of electricity compared to halogen bulbs.

Besides the energy-saving feature, the lights have a multi-function system; they have 16 different colors and 4 selected modes, strobe, and smooth plates. You can also adjust the brightness to your liking. If you don’t know how to set up the lights, you can have someone do it before the event because they remember the last programming that they were set to.

Another great advantage of these bulbs is the installation process; it’s straightforward since no wiring is required. You can hang or mount the lights anywhere.

It’s also worthwhile to note that the lights are safe for use. They have an IP65 rating and high light transmittance coupled with a solid housing made of aluminum material and advanced aluminum heat sinks.

You can use the lights for weddings, outdoor & indoor activities, grassland, courtyard, etc.

What we like 

  • · Energy saving
  • · Two remote controls
  • · Sixteen colors
  • · Safe

What we didn’t like 

  • · Assembling the lights can be tasking
  • · Not as bright as expected


 6. TSSS RGBW Pattern Stage Light 64Leds Auto and Voice


The most interesting feature of these stage lights is the design. They look like a small airship, which is what inspired the owner. Every light comes with 64 high-brightness LEDs, including 28 green, 4 red, 12 white, and 20 blue lights.

The TSSS RGBW Pattern Stage Light 64Leds Auto and Voice have a fixed bracket that allows you to mount the lights on the ceiling making the installation process easy. The lights work well in a club, bar, or live music venue, especially when bought in bulk. Besides their brightness, they’re convenient because they consume less energy.

TSSS RGBW Pattern Stage Light 64Leds Auto and Voice have built-in light show programs and a strobe & pattern rotation with sound activation.

What we like 

  • Energy efficient
  • Innovative, cool design
  • 64 high-brightness LEDs
  • Perfect as part of a lighting setup
  • Fixed bracket

What we don’t like

  • Some users don’t like the dip switches.


 7. SAHAUHY Stage Lights


The Sahauhy stage lights are another example of budget and high-performing light equipment. Like many users, I was blown up by how vivid and bright the colors of the stage lights were considering their price range. They’re great for a DJ setup or any small setup to give it a new look.

Another great feature of these stage lights is the simplicity of using them. The bright LED lights are easy to set up, and they come with a remote for control. You can also connect your lights with a DMX controller using DMX cables and then control the system using the action button or the DMX controller. It’s even possible to control the stage lighting to show one color instead of all three.

The SAHAUNY stage lights use the latest LED technology and they’re safe, efficient, and durable.

What we like 

  • They’re long-lasting
  • Strobe mode
  • You can use a DMX controller
  • Remote control
  • They’re very bright
  • Eight different colors

What we didn’t like 

  • Their packaging can be a bit unreliable leading to damage during shipping


 8. OPPSK Stage Light


The OPPSK Stage Light is slightly expensive than other stage lights on this list but they’re worth it if you’re looking for the best stage lights for professional purposes. Unless you’re using the lights to hold huge events at home or you’re looking for something for stage lights for a backyard wedding, I recommend checking out our other options.

The 70-watt lighting system has a huge amount of power and brightness, making it applicable for huge events. The LED can stay up to 50000 hours and has a beam angle of 45 degrees. It also has 9 different operational modes available, including strobe, color fade, and hopping.

Operating the system is easy as it comes with an IP remote easy controller and a standard DMX512 control system.

What we like 

  • 70-watts of power
  • 9 operational modes
  • 50,000 hours of LED life
  • Can use as wash lights
  • DMX compatible

What we didn’t like

  • The setup is a bit pricey.


Stage Lights Buyer’s Guide

Whether you want stage lights for a small stage, lights for a band, or an event, there are common features that you can consider to make an educated pick.

Below is a breakdown of the factors to consider when buying stage lights.


This is solely based on taste and preference. Before shopping for lights, decide whether you want a big lighting setup, a small lighting setup, or a moving head. If you’re looking for stage lights for a small setup, of course, it makes sense to go with a small setup. This also applies to anyone who is looking for a portable setup.

It’s important to note that small lights can also be very effective and powerful; you don’t have to settle for something dim.

LED Lifetime

Another thing you need to consider when shopping for lights is the LED units because they determine the life of your stage lights. Cheaper lights will mostly last for a few hours, which means you’ve got to replace the whole setup. I recommend buying stage lights that last for at least 50000 hours.


Installation can be very tasking, so you can choose something easy to set up. For example, if you’re planning on mounting your lights on the ceiling or walls, ensure they have brackets.

Operating Modes

Stage lights have different operating modes. The most common modes include voice/ sound-activated mode, master/slave, flash, pulse, and gradient. Good lights also have an option to control the brightness, speed, and effects.

The right effects are dependent on your requirements. For instance, theatre performances stage lights don’t require strobe lighting, but the feature is very important for band lighting.

Remember to ensure that the system is easy to operate and you can comfortably shift from one mode to another. The ability to plug the system into a DMX controller and use a remote also comes in handy when using the system.


Best Stage Lights (Final Words)

The right stage lights can significantly affect the mood at your parties or theatre. Therefore, it’s important that you choose the stage lights based on your needs. You want to consider the features, installation process, lighting modes, and how easy it is to operate the lighting effects.

I hope you got a great option from my list, and if not, the buyer’s guide will help you make choose high-quality lighting for your future events.

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